About me

Hi, I am Meijing, nice to meet you!

I’m a Christ follower. I came to know Christ around my first year in college, and that was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been blessed in many ways – a group of good friends serving with me in church whom also grew up with me; a loving husband whom I met in church; a sunny 12-year-old son who is also having his own group of peers in church, and so much more…

After graduating from college, I worked at several architectural firms as a designer, and as a project manager in my last job. The love of Christ compels me, and I was called to serve in His ministry full time starting January, 2020. So now I mainly serve in our children and youth ministry in my church.

Switching from the field of architecture to the field of ministry was a big change, but it went gracefully for me, by the grace and power of Christ. Like anything else, my ministry work was also impacted by COVID-19. All of my in-person services have now moved on to Zoom and became contactless. Thankfully, the shelter-in-place order actually gave me more time to read and to think about His word. Also looking back at some of the notes I wrote from my Bible devotions in the past, it inspired me to write more. My husband, Guo, had always encouraged me to start up my own blog and write, and so here I am!

God’s word is so precious and lively! He is the one that speaks! He IS the Word! I pray that the Lord can make use of this little garden of mine to touch, to strengthen, and to refresh your heart.

Thank you for allowing me to share my faith and the love of Christ with you! Enjoy some raisins and apples from Him!

God is the expert of turning ashes into beauty! As a byproduct of the pandemic, I’ve also started the Raisins & Apples YouTube Channel, turning some of the devotionals in this blog into videos. Along with the devotional videos, you may also find songs that I covered with the Miners – a worship singing group that I formed with a couple of my longtime singing buddies, Ed and Irene. 🙂 I’ve also produced some Bible Trivia game videos. So, check them out here! 🙂

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