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Blessing – 10/22/20: oh plants, stand by me! (my African Violets)

10/22/20: Though I have had these babies for six years, every bloom they have still brings a smile on my face. And every bloom brings me so much hope. They have trained a plant killer to be be a plant keeper! I first got them when Guo, my husband, was admitted to the hospital six years ago. They brighten up his room during the hospital stay. After a short stay in the hospital, Guo was discharged. I was reluctant to take the plants home knowing that they may not survive under my care. I decided to take them to my office, so my coworker, Tad, who has green thumb, could help me take care of them. He watered them once and week, and added fertilizer when they were due. He set up good watering and fertilizing schedule for them. Tad was such a great gardener! The plants flowered at least twice a year. And just like that, they stood by the window on my side. Tad watered them, and I admired them.

After Tad’s retirement, I was on my own with these plants. What I learned from Tad in theory finally came in true practice. The watering just didn’t seem right. The top of the plants were yellow all the time, and they just didn’t look as cheerful overall. I was told they needed more water. I had to set up reminders for myself to water them every Friday, and water them exactly the way how Tad did it. He would soak the pot in water for a little while, and then he would take out the pot and made sure every drop of water drains out from the pot. With some trial and error, I finally got the hang of it, and I managed to keep them alive. They still flowered about twice a year, with a few flowers here and there. They still stood by the window on my side, and they witnessed every frustration and joy I had at work.

Six years later, when it was time for me to move on to full time ministry, I was more confident to take them home. The only thing that concerned me was looking for a good spot that they like. Other than being consistent with their watering schedule and method, they also need a spot with mild, but good indirect morning sunlight. I thought my office was the perfect spot for them, until I brought them home. I found a spot by the window and made it a new home for these babies. I kept their watering routine, and I fertilized them in the spring and in the fall. I’ve also divided one of them into 3 separate pots and added more soil to all of them. Apparently, home is a better place for them! Now, they have been home for 10 months, and they are growing bigger and stronger than ever. I hope they will continue to stand by me and witness every season of life in our family.

For once, I can be proud of the plants that I am taking care of!😆 Planting is so much like raising a child. Love, patience, consistency, and persistence go a long way. I guess writing blogs are also alike. In spite of what the world is going through, God still sends flowers to remind us how much He loves us. Life is beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Blessing – 10/22/20: oh plants, stand by me! (my African Violets)”

  1. I don’t think I have green thumb like my dad. However, after I read this, may be I should try again and may be will experience what you are experiencing now.
    Thank you God patiently care for us in our life’s journey, His shaping and molding that lead us be a better person and can shine for Him.

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