Daily Grace

Daily Grace 1/4/23: Sing Like a Wind Chime in the Wind

The storm is here today! All I can hear now is the sound of the howling wind, the pouring rain, and the lovely tune of the wind chime out there in my backyard.   

I’ve always admired the calmness of the wind chimes. Even on the windiest day, they can remain calm and sing that beautiful tune.

Like wind chimes singing in the wind, life in Christ can be a beautiful melody that carries through the wind, even when the storms of life come our way. By trusting Jesus, we can find the inner peace that guides us and brings us closer to God. Having Him by our side, we are gifted with the strength to weather any storm and sing in the wind with joy.

The Lord is our strength and song!


Keep calm and sing like the wind chime in the storm #dailygrace 01/04/23 #foryou

♬ original sound – Raisins & Apples

Chinese Version (中文版本):

耶 和 華 是 我 的 力 量 , 是 我 的 詩 歌 ; 他 也 成 了 我 的 拯 救 ” (詩篇 118:14)





It’s the new year, and I wanted to restart something that I did ten years ago — keeping a thanksgiving journal to count my blessings daily.  But instead of posting it on Facebook as I did ten years ago, this time is on my blog.  God’s love and grace exist in little things around us, which are only noticeable through a thankful heart. I am looking forward to a year of thankfulness. And may my Daily Grace blog also be a blessing to everyone who reads it and be a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us to be more mindful and thankful for the small blessings we often take for granted.

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