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Daily Grace 1/5/23: Choose What is Better

First things first. I got my best breakfast combo on a rainy morning – coffee, pastry, and the Bible.  

In Luke 10:42, Jesus said to Martha, few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.  I recently came across the phrase, “good is the enemy of best.”  Every day we face many choices, and most of them are good. We choose to get up and pack lunches for our kids, go to work, take our kids to sports, and have many family activities; all of these are good choices.  And oftentimes, we are afraid to miss out on things that are “good”.  Just like Martha chose to get busy serving the Lord.  Indeed, that was also a good thing.  But when we are too focused on all the good choices, we get distracted from what is better, like Martha did.  

Jesus said Mary had chosen the ONE THING that is really needed and the ONE THING that is better: to go before Him and listen to Him.  Choosing the “better” can be challenging when many “good” options surround us. Choosing the “better” often requires prioritizing and making difficult but necessary decisions, which we need to make intentionally.  

For the new year, I also want to be determined to come before the Lord first over anything else, because it is the one thing that is needed, and better.

Lord, help me to choose what is better.

What is your favorite morning combo?

Chinese Version (中文版本):


 但 是 不 可 少 的 只 有 一 件 ; 馬 利 亞 已 經 選 擇 那 上 好 的 福 分 , 是 不 能 奪 去 的 ”。
( 路加福音 10:42)

在路加福音 10 章 42 節,主耶穌對馬大說:“不 可 少 的 只 有 一 件 ; 馬 利 亞 已 經 選 擇 那 上 好 的 福 分 , 是 不 能 奪 去 的。“ 最近我也看到一句話,“好是最好的敵人”。我們每天都面對很多選擇,其中大部分都是好的。我們選擇起床給孩子準備午餐,然後上班,之後要帶孩子參加課外活動,還有很多家庭活動,這些都是好的選擇。所以很多時候,我們甚至害怕錯過了“好”的東西。就像馬大選擇忙於事奉主一樣。的確,這也是一件好事。但是,當我們過於專注於所有”好的“選擇時,我們往往錯過那更好的選擇,就馬大那樣。





It’s the new year, and I wanted to restart something that I did ten years ago — keeping a thanksgiving journal to count my blessings daily.  But instead of posting it on Facebook as I did ten years ago, this time is on my blog.  God’s love and grace exist in little things around us, which are only noticeable through a thankful heart. I am looking forward to a year of thankfulness. And may my Daily Grace blog also be a blessing to everyone who reads it and be a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us to be more mindful and thankful for the small blessings we often take for granted.

2 thoughts on “Daily Grace 1/5/23: Choose What is Better”

  1. Totally agree and nothing better than spiritual nutrition for the beginning of our day. His words can refresh our sprit and let us have strength for our whole day.

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